Toby Baxter Book Cover

Over the river and through the woods on another quest, he reluctantly goes!

Thirteen-year-old Toby Baxter can't wait to pull out his sled and enjoy the massive snowfall. But his winter break is interrupted when a frightening warning draws him once again through his closet into River's home. The magical land from his last visit is dying of its life force—the sword has been taken by the trolls, threatening to destroy the river elves and their allies.

Making matters worse, his arch nemesis, Clygon, the leader of the trolls, is ready and waiting for him, looking for a rematch. As Toby faces this new danger, he will again be challenged with the question : How will you your power? Will he choose to be wise, or will he give into his fears? Keeping with the spirit of Toby's first adventure, RiverHome for the Holidays is a humorous tongue-in-cheek middle school-age book. Toby's Quest is filled with holiday fun, dangers, and inspiration sure to capture the imagination of lovers of fantasy adventures.

book #2 is here!

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