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He’s ready to leave kid-dom behind. But can he stand tall against an army of barf-inducing beasts?

Toby Baxter can’t wait to be a teenager. On the cusp of turning thirteen, the superhero-obsessed boy’s jaw drops when a baffling stranger appears and begs him for help. But when he’s led through a portal on a whirlwind trip to a magical land, he’s terrified to be plunged mid-battle between elves and a legion of stinky trolls.

Bewildered and queasy, Toby is confused when his new friends claim he is the hero who will lead them to victory. And now only his dangerous quest to retrieve a legendary slaying sword can save his skin… and turn the tide of war.

Can this newly minted teen become a real warrior and rise up as the strange realm’s savior?

The Adventures of Toby Baxter: The River Elf, The Giant, and the Closet is a high-flying middle grade fantasy. If you like daring journeys, hilarious characters, and heartfelt lessons about confidence, then you’ll love Tim Wright’s timeless tale.

Meet the Author: Tim Wright

Tim Wright is the co-host of the Wonder of Parenting Podcast: A Brain-Science Approach to Parenting. He has been a fan of fantasy adventures since High School. He and his wife, Jan, have been married since 1979. They have two adult children and five grandchildren. Tim enjoys riding his recumbent bike, Disneyland, and roots for then Arizona Cardinals and the Adelaide Crows (Australian Rules Football). He grew up in Minneapolis and lives in Glendale, AZ.
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